Police, camera, action: a year on from Fourth to First

Steffan Aquarone, co-author of Fourth to First, writes: There’s a saying that, if no one’s complaining, you’re doing something wrong.  In spite of this, the feedback on my how-to-do-it book Fourth to First has been fantastic! I couldn’t be happier to learn that so many people have found the book to be somewhere between mildly […]

Why is using the railways now so degrading?

David Boyle writes (a version of this blog first appeared on the New Weather blog: Yes, it is hot. The heat has also added a layer of what I can only describe as degradation to our public services. But before I describe it, I don’t want to be pigeon-holed as someone who believes that all […]

Do people really still hate Govia Thameslink?

David Boyle writes: I remember some years ago a TV documentary called ‘why do people hate Ryanair?’ I found it so influential that I never flew with them again. What particularly struck me was the way they hid the free or cheap options on their website. It was as if this had confirmed what was […]

The right to break out of classifications (special offer this week)

The film Mad to be Normal goes on release next week, and this is rather an important moment – at least for me. Partly because I have been fascinated by the revolutionary psychiatrist R D Laing my whole adult life – I even went to a poetry reading by him when I was a student […]

Why Scandal has been so controversial

David Boyle writes: In these days of identity politics, it can seem problematic to have an ancestor who was gay. I mean, was he or wasn’t he? If he was, what was he doing having descendents? If not, what was he behaving like that for? One of the problems with the way we see identity these […]

An unprecedented moment of fear in the UK

It was Saturday 6 April 1895. The weather was windy and drizzly as the passengers packed onto the quayside at Dover to catch the steam packet to Calais due on the evening tide. Perhaps it was packed that night because of Easter the following week. Perhaps it wasn’t as packed as some of the witnesses claimed later, […]

Welcome to the new e commerce site of The Real Press

Hello, welcome! We will be posting info and updates on our publications and other activities here. So please check back now and then. We would love to hear from you with feedback and ideas or just about anything…