So, what is Secret History then?

What is ‘Secret History’? A good way to think about it is that Secret History sits at the crossroads where counter-factual fiction, faction, conspiracy theory and historical fiction all meet. Got it? Hmmm. Perhaps not quite. The first thing to say is that Secret History is fiction; Secret History books are novels. Clearly, they must […]

‘An excellent job’

Review of Roger Lancaster’s book After the War is Over, by Ian Channing (first appeared in QSO magazine). Roger Lancaster has made a number of contributions to QSO over the years and his account of his time as a radio inspector in New Zealand featured prominently in The Long Silence Falls Part 1. Now he […]

Get your own print from Simon Zec’s latest book!

After two bland and uneventful years, our poetry editor Simon Zec finally managed to find something interesting to write about for his second poetry collection, available here. In the Downtime is a reaction to both the world and his personal life. Trying to find the cracks in the darkness where the light can shine through. Simon has striven […]

Lesley Yarranton at rest, after publication of Saving Munich

Lesley may look like an Englishwoman in Gloucestershire – which is what she is – but she also speaks fluent German, ran her own press agency in Berlin when the wall came down, and in Saving Munich 1945, she has written, researched and chased down one of the remaining great untold stories of the Second […]

Chronicling covid in poetry

To celebrate our resident poet, Simon Zec, joining the team as Poetry Editor we will are happy to announce the launch our first project… The Covid Chronicles will be a compilation of poems from a diverse selection of poets, who will donate their words and thoughts on the past few months of trials, tribulations and […]

Simon Zec is our new poetry editor…

Simon is a poet and has two poetry collections with us (Death of the Suburb and In the Downtime (forthcoming)) and we will be working together to publish a diverse selection of poets to represent the modern poetry scene.  We hope to dive deep into the well of modern poetry, finding abdominal working with voices […]

When fairy tales come disturbingly true

Introduction to the new New Weather modern folk tales collection Knock Three Times by Andrew Simms and Bill McGuire. It could be something taken straight from a folk or fairy tale. A young child with a gift for seeing the truth, and the courage to tell it, sails across a great wide ocean to a land […]

Mowgli can still save us all, even now

Now that the film Mowgli: Lord  of the Jungle has finally been released on Netflix, we asked Swati Singh – author of The Secret History of the Jungle Book – to see it. This was her reaction… It’s very good. Brilliant in many parts, though mediocre in some. Shere Khan is menacing and dominates the […]

Getting the Munich Crisis wrong…

David Boyle writes… Those fascinated by the events of Munich eighty years ago will be aware that there are two books out which assume rather different interpretations. On is by the novelist Robert Harris, who has made no secret of his pro-Chamberlain views. The other one is by me, and Munich 1938 puts rather greater weight on […]