WHEN FISHES FLEW? Reconnecting with the Jesus stories (print)

Are you one of those people who responded positively as a child to the Jesus story, but gradually, as you grew, found more and more anomalies and queries in – which you either never had time to properly look into, or else never really reached a satisfactory resolution to? Or maybe you are someone who has never anyway understood what the fuss was about?

If so, Michael Boyle reckons you and he have a lot in common. In his case, natural indolence combined with a constantly pressing need to achieve his own aims and ambitions, led to the same end, with what had indeed been dear to him as a child being almost entirely absent in any really meaningful way from his life, with only, in the background, the potentially bogus reassurance of a plan to one day revisit his spiritual dimension.

The regular deserts and derailments he experienced in life, along with, more importantly, the many human examples of love and lives more fully lived that he encountered, eventually turned his focus more and more onto trying to fulfil that plan and make time and space for his true self.

Making time to rediscover Jesus’ life journey has been part of his process of rediscovering the things in life that are truly indispensable. He has found many surprises on the way. Here he invites you to join him on a companionable return journey through that wonderful story, a story that, perhaps, was precious to you as a child, but has long since faded into minor relevance in your life.

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