It is the summer of 1990 – the 80s boom time is fading, the satanic abuse panic rages – and one strange market town, unchanged for decades, suddenly and disastrously runs out of money. The crisis brings together the mayor, the townsfolk and a mysterious stranger who sets out to help turn the town’s fortunes around. No one really knows anything about the enigmatic newcomer or why he wants to help – not until the truth unfolds with catastrophic consequences.

This is a unique tale of how things change over the passage of time: of families torn apart by WWII; the explosion of money and clone towns; growing up, and buried secrets and psychological trauma caused by them. It is also a Pied Piper story for our own times, examining the frailties of the modern economy and the unique phenomena of local currencies.

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  1. David Boyle

    Tracy A. Fischer for Readers’ Favourite writes:
    In an interesting and well written look at our world in 1990, The Piper by author David Boyle is a book that will give readers a great deal to think about. This tale examines how things change over time, tells stories of families that are ripped apart during WWII, and the secrets that people keep that tear them to pieces. When money explodes due to the war, much is changed and unlikely to ever go back to the way it was before. So many things are examined in this book, both in the historical context and in a way that has impact on our modern lives. Economies, the way that money affects everyday life, communities, families, and mental health are all things that are touched upon.

    I so enjoyed The Piper. Author David Boyle has written a book that does more than entertain, although it certainly does that as well. The Piper is a book that will make a reader think and process the effects of money and the history of currency, and how those things continue to make an impact on our daily lives even today. This book is extremely well written and readable, well edited, and will keep readers engrossed from the start through to the finish. I very highly recommend The Piper to any reader interested in a great work of fiction with a historical context that will also make them think. I certainly hope that the very talented author, David Boyle, is already hard at work on his next book. I, for one, will be anxiously waiting for its arrival!

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