On Saturday, 2 October, 2021, 21 writers gathered in a room in Sussex and participated in an experiment. They set out to see if they could write a novel in 24 hours.

Birds flew. Rain fell. Last minute additions brought them up to 23 authors. They are: Daniel Parsonage, Liz Eastwood, Vanessa Cornford, Elaine Ruth White, Graham Knapman, Heather Gosling, Kayleigh Ackerman, Kate Morrison, Tom Ackerman, Petula Mitchell, Cariad Parsonage, Joe Bunn, Jimmy Pearson, Megan O’Neill, Deborah Boys, Zaid Sethi, Amanda Hubbert, E. Rua, Brad Kane, Kathryn Andrews, Heather Turnbull and Annie Hart.

In the end, those writers wrote their way up to 60,383 words.

But is it a novel? That’s up to you!

What you will hold in your hands is the result of that experiment in its raw form. Every sleepless missed letter, every mixed up name that existed at the end of the experiment is here. Does it function as a novel?

Have a read and find out…