Captured on a virtual suicide mission as a punishment for a military mistake, Sam Smith – a fighter for the small nation of Icrises his entire adult life – overhears crucial evidence that an attack on his homeland is being planned. But he now languishes under lock and key: how can he escape to get this crucial intelligence home – before it is too late?

A steampunk story for young adults, this debut novel by a young author includes the classic elements of a sci-fi tale in an age of different technology – the hand-to-hand fighting between fleets of aerial battleships (aerships), the war chiefs building their alliances between besieged cities, and the terrifying arrival of the monstrous Mindweaver.

This is a steampunk vision, in all its sweat, gunpowder and balloons. It is a world where soldiers leap across chasms in the air to take the enemy, and where men like Sam are tested to the limit – and beyond.

A kindle edition is available here and a paperback edition here.


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