“A metaphorical dance between husband and wife that shines much light on life at the top of politics… entertaining, original with fresh insights on the historic coalition and what followed.” Steve RichardsNew Statesman

“Adds perspective …political activity in a ‘normal’ setting… It humanises politics… I was left with a feeling of sadness at the fate of the Lib Dems post 2015… We have slid down the longest snake on the board and there are a lot of ladders ahead of us.” Norman Baker, former Lib Dem MP for Lewes

The decade of the 2010s produced Britain’s first post-war coalition government, plus the Brexit referendum and three years of Brexit debate, as well as the long and painful experience of post-crisis economic ‘austerity’.

The politics of the decade is described in a unique way in Politics and Partnership in a Divided DecadeVince Cable was a leading figure in the Lib Dem-Conservative coalition cabinet, a Remainer and leader of the Liberal Democrats. His wife Rachel kept a diary of the period, mostly as a way of processing her thoughts and feelings at the time.

They jointly portray the political history of the decade as experienced through their own partnership: seeing the same events in different ways or seeing different things; feeling the emotions behind the dry political facts – experiencing together the ups and downs of a political career.

You can see some extra material for this book, including Vince’s timeline of the 2010s and family trees, here and here..

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