Here are 25 modern folk takes for troubling times…

Bewildered by the modern world? Folk tales throughout history explore the extremes of human experience and help us make sense of them. With dazzling and original twists this new collection of modern folk tales explores everything from mobile phones to the refugee crisis, celebrity, climate change and the banks. Uniquely, the contributors are not just story tellers, but leading, independent authorities on the earth sciences, the environment, finance, economics, inequality, social policy and more.

From tales of deeply questionable corporations, to mysterious phone apps and a natural world fighting back, Knock twice unleashes creative minds to run riot over problems that seem unsolvable in the impoverished arena of daily politics.

These are modern folk tales for troubling times because we’re unlikely to get a better world without using our imaginations. Knock twice, open the covers and see what happens…

“Stories are one of the most ancient and most effective ways of making sense of the world… When we try to live a good life in a world we seem to be simultaneously destroying, there is nothing more valuable or worth encouraging.” Philip Pullman, on the first collection in this series, There was a knock at the door.

Available from also on kindle from here, and as a paperback from here. It will shortly be available also for download from a range of other booksites including Hive and iTunes.


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