This book is part of an ongoing project of the New Weather Institute. After decades of campaigning for a better world, our times seem ever-more troubling, standing on the verge of potentially irreversible ecological decline and in the grip of toxic social division. Knock Three Times is our third volume of tales following There was a Knock at the Door, and Knock Twice.

This edition brings together leading experts in climate hazards, earth science, zoology, health, finance, and progressive business together with storytellers, poets, artists and activists. Each contributor works in different ways to make the world a better place and safer from systemic threats, but also sees the limits of simply throwing facts at people in the hope that this will lead to change.

Here they take a different approach and turn to telling stories. Some reveal the unsafe foundations we stand on, others suggest the way ahead. We thank them for their contributions and being willing – in fact enthusiastic – to try something different. These tales are very modern, yet rooted in ancient story telling traditions. We need detailed plans and policies to prevent climate breakdown and build a world where all can thrive. But we also need better stories to first imagine and believe in its possibility. Here are some. We hope you enjoy them. If you haven’t before, and are moved to write your own, we would love to hear from you.

Knock Three Times is also available as a kindle edition from Amazon. The previous titles in the series are available here: There was a knock at the door and Knock TwiceIt is available in paperback here and as a special offer for all three paperbacks here.


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