Techno Tantrums are breaking out in a household near you… Technology is now at the heart of family life – and parents are struggling to stay ahead of the digital wave that is changing both our lives and those of our children’s, forever.

But parents have been abandoned to deal with the lure of the online world alone. They face the sheer power of the internet companies by themselves. Schools and governments alike encourage children to spend their lives online, yet many of the internet founders – including Steve Jobs himself – rigorously restricted their own children’s tech exposure.

This is an essential handbook – a supportive, realistic and practical ‘how to’ guide for 21st century families. Meet some of them – Tiger Mum, who harnesses the internet to increase her children’s potential, or the Low Tech Parents who want to shield their children from technology for as long as they can. It’s not a guide to online safety, which is well-covered elsewhere. Instead, this books helps navigate research, some of it alarming, some of it reassuring, to help parents find a way through – so that children can avoid addiction, enjoy the world around them, but also enjoy themselves online.

Also available on kindle, and in pdf and epub.


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