“Loved this book. Speaks to the heart. Everyone will be able to relate to some of the stories Liz shares. This should be on everyone’s Christmas wish list this year…” Amazon review.

Liz Barnes’ first book begins with what may seem an unnecessary confession. It is, she says, ‘all about me’. From the first word, the reader might suspect, it is perhaps revealing more about herself than she is conscious of letting go.

Over two decades, Barnes takes us unsparingly through a search for love from childhood to adulthood; from ‘The Perspective of a Cow that Lives on a Slope’ to illness and bereavement and finally – and happily = brings us to ‘The Night that Led to Forever’.

‘A Little Bit of Pain and a Whole Lot of Love’ is a brave and idiosyncratic book from a new and slightly startling writer….’
Brian Clarke, prize-winning author of The Stream.

Liz Barnes has written for as long as she can remember. She has now produced hundreds of poems, children’s stories, adult short stories, and a novel.

It was since taking Parkinson’s medication that her writing has become prolific and, she, slightly obsessive. When Liz is not writing she is being a social worker, painting or making things from wire. Her twenty odd years of social work clearly influence her poetry. She also enjoys participating in some of the local open mic nights around Brighton and West Sussex.

Her work is unique and highly emotive.

Liz says:
‘My writing may be drug induced but it’s my saviour, my friend, my therapy, my time waster and what keeps me out of trouble.’

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