This book emerged from personal disaster, as the author explains in the introduction, which may be why it reeks of joy in life.From lesson No. 1 (get rid of your TV) to lesson No. 52 (visit the Great Blasket) – one powerful suggestion for change for every week of the year – the influential and radical psychologist Craig Newnes sets out his very personal prescription for anyone who wants to shift their lives.

Part manual for living, part life lessons, part autobiography, this book will tell you – in the liveliest possible way – what you should do if, as he does, you no longer believe the myths spread around about life by so-called experts. So whether you are desperate for change, in a rut, or you just long for something a bit different, then this may be the book for you.

Above all, if you want to hear about how to live life to the full, from someone who believes part of his role is to explode pomposity and make a heap of all the jargon and watch it burn, then this is also a book to savour.

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