David Boyle writesWe are delighted to announce that the Real Press (based in Sussex UK) will be publishing a pamphlet and book by the legendary thinker, radical lawyer and social entrepreneurs Edgar Cahn and Chris Gray.

Cahn has an extraordinary record of innovation, dating back to the 1960s, including the US National Legal Services programme, the Antioch Law School, time banks – now in 38 counties – and co-production, which he made a vital and practical element in real public service reform.

Dr Chris Gray is a former director of Time Banks USA and the author of The Tribal Moment In American Politics: The Struggle for Native American Sovereignty (2015). The book makes visible “an historic process of constitutional dimensions whereby a nation founded on liberty and equality violated its own values in its treatment of the first Americans.” She and Edgar have been married for twenty years.

Our plan is to publish their latest work, an explanation of social isolation – naming it as the “other pandemic”, just as dangerous and expensive to solve – and setting it in the context of his other practical thinking.

It will be published as a pamphlet jointly with the New Weather Institute (the Real Press has published all their pamphlets since they launched as the first mutual thinktank in 2016). Then it will be published as a book, in a longer version including other works and examples of where their understanding of co-production has been working effectively (in early summer 2021).

It will be available via www.therealpress.co.uk and via Amazon (US and UK) as a paperback and ebook. Plus other outlets too.