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The most extraordinary novel, both a complete evocation of what it was like aboard a vessel from the Spanish Armada, and also a revelation about human love and the human spirit.

After the remains of the Armada hobbles back to Spain, an extraordinary document – part diary, part love letter – is discovered on a remote island off the coast of Ireland. When it is translated, it reveals – not treachery nor evidence of Spanish military ambition – but something about the human condition. Love, loss, laughter and the madness of war are all in Tearagh’t.

“Falling in love isn’t in your control. It’s a wonderfully accurate phrase, isn’t it? You fall, with amazing luck, you both fall into it. It’s like a bottomless, heavenly well. You both tumble, then plunge. Down and down. Holding hands … but luck never holds you. One day, one of you hits the side of the well. The other keeps falling, always hurting – knowing your souls are no longer bound, no longer one in this life. That somewhere, far above you, lies the broken body that can only be touched now in dreams.” 

“Sexy, gripping, brilliant…” Abigail Bray

This book is also available as a paperback on Amazon, and on kindle, and shortly also on other epub platforms.

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